Georgia Jones Strips Out of Her Pink Dress

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Arkansas hottie, Georgia Jones, wears a loose pink dress outside but it doesn’t stay on her sexy body for very long. From very first glance, she is already playing with the hem and straps.

Georgia’s little nipples peek out and her fluffy black pussy hair is revealed. She gets naked and spreads her pink slit without any shyness. Georgia Jones is both naughty and gorgeous.

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Georgia Jones Unzips and Spreads Pussy

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Georgia Jones is beyond sexy in her tight dress with short hem and zippered front. Her long dark hair is styled perfectly in a frame around her pretty face.

With no bra or panties worn beneath, Georgia unzips and strips. She handles her hot little tits and fingers her shaved pussy.

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Georgia Jones Dares to Get Naked For the Camera

Thursday, October 24, 2013

A photographer gets more than he expected when he dares sex kitten Georgia Jones to go a little further during a routine photo shoot. This hot fox loves to get naked, so a fine handful of titties and a tight pussy are coming out to play!

Our naked babe is not shy at all as she shows full pussy with fingers delicately playing in the lips and folds. The boots, however, are going to stay on, buddy. It is a wonder even a professional can keep his hand steady to take these hot pics as Georgia Jones’ pussy gets wetter and wetter. Open invitation pussy is hard to resist!

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Georgia Jones Gives New Meaning to the Term “Casual”

Monday, September 10, 2012

When Georgia Jones is having a quiet day at home, her male neighbors are truly appreciative. Stepping out in a short and flirty flowered frock, she is a picture of summer casual coolness. The dress shows off her beautiful legs, stopping at just the right spot to make you wish the wind would catch it and blow it up further. The wind isn’t necessary, though.

Georgia is happy to lift it just enough to give you a glimpse of white panties before stretching the dress out to the side teasingly. She knows you want to see more, but you have to wait until she’s ready. When she is, she sits back in an outdoor chair and bares her breasts while spreading her legs, giving your eyes both nipple and panties to feast upon.

When she’s ready for more, she strips everything off and lets you gaze at all her naked wonderfulness while running her fingers through her hair. Is there anything lovelier?

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Georgia Jones Loves To Tease in Lace

Monday, July 30, 2012

Who is that beautiful dark haired woman looking wistfully out the window while wearing lace bra and garter? It’s Georgia Jones, of course, and she knows you’re watching. To make certain she has your attention, she flashes you a glimpse of her perfect ass, panties crawling deliciously up between her cheeks.

Next she slips off her shoes, teasing you with her not-so-bare crotch, which she then flashes to you ever so slightly under lace panties. The smile lets you know she loves knowing how crazy it makes you.

Once the bra is off, you get another tantalizing view of her ass as she slowly lowers her panties and then at last, that tasty pussy is revealed as she spreads her legs for easy access. What happens next is completely up to you!

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Georgia Jones Is One Delicious Piece of Honey

Monday, July 2, 2012

When you really look at her, you realize how lucky your eyes are. Georgia Jones has a petite little figure that encourages the eyes to feast upon her perfect golden flesh. From her small lickable titties she flashes through her open white shirt, down to her lovely pussy hidden away behind sexy panties just begging to be untied, she is a work of wonder.

Off comes the shirt as she gives you a glimpse of that ass you’d love to sink your fingers into. Then a glorious peak of her damp slit as she teases it with a feather. You know you want to put your tongue right there, don’t you? When she lays back on the bed blindfolded and legs held high, your cock simply has to respond to the invitation.

She loves to pose for you in several different highly fuckable positions and loves knowing that you are rock hard just for her. Now, be a man and touch yourself!

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Georgia Jones Strips Off Bikini and Sunglasses

Monday, December 5, 2011

Georgia Jones is super sexy in a bikini and sheer orange cover up. She puts her sunglasses on her head and then begins her hot strip.

Georgia teases her bottoms down off of her gorgeous round ass and bends over the lounge to show her bare butt in full naked glory and the length of her lovely legs as well.

Winning your full attention, the slender brunette gets completely naked and squats down while spreading her pussy lips for your enjoyment.

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Georgia Jones in a Fuzzy Hoodie

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Georgia Jones is covered up this time. But don’t let that discourage you! Georgia Jones is always ready for a good time, and by a good time, that means taking off her clothes. Georgia Jones is just the right kind of exhibitionist for the job, and we sure love the way she does it!

Georgia Jones seductively rips off her bodysuit and enjoys the hot, orgasmic feelings she gets as her fingers get closer and closer to her pussy. She touches it gently as she gets totally naked for you to enjoy.

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