Georgia Jones Unzips and Spreads Pussy

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Georgia Jones is beyond sexy in her tight dress with short hem and zippered front. Her long dark hair is styled perfectly in a frame around her pretty face.

With no bra or panties worn beneath, Georgia unzips and strips. She handles her hot little tits and fingers her shaved pussy.

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Georgia Jones Is a Wonderful Mix of Exotic Sultryness

Monday, June 16, 2014

Look at Georgia Jones standing there in her pink lingerie, pussy lips just showing beneath, hair hanging long and beautiful across her shoulders and chest, short, white open blouse, with long hippy beads hanging to her navel. She’s the picture of casual sexy beauty. She bends over for you, showing you that tight hole you know you would just love to fill.

When she sits and caresses her swollen lips, you know she’s thinking about how much she wants you inside of her. Her pussy is aching for attention and you know you’re just the guy to give it to her, aren’t you?

She stares at you through the picture, aching with need for your attention, and inviting you to fill her up from behind and nail it home, deep and hard. Are you man enough to give her what she wants?

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Georgia Jones Strips Down to Only Her Socks

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It’s always a pleasure watching the sexy pornstar Georgia Jones strip down. I mean, she looks good in her clothes, but seeing her strip out of them is even hotter! Her figure is undeniable hot. Such subtle curves to her thin body.

Her exposed breasts are delicious – natural, small tits that make your loins ache. With her thumbs hooked in the sides of her panties, she tugs them down – slowly removing them and leaving you wishing she would show her pussy. Georgia Jones is one naughty tease though and thing small breasted minx is leaving what’s between her thighs a mystery for now! These softcore pics of her are hot – pussy shown or not!

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Georgia Jones Loves her Black Leather Mini

Monday, October 15, 2012

Check out the beautiful Georgia Jones, dressed in nothing but a short black leather mini skirt. With no shirt on, standing there bare chested with her hair falling around her shoulders, she looks young and innocent and without guile. How could any man see her and not just melt deep inside for this beautiful lady.

Then she takes her skirt off, showing you the totality of her slim and sexy curves. She doesn’t even really need to pose to look phenomenal. All she needs is her slim beauty and the camera to make love to and you, lucky guy, to enjoy the view. Your fantasies about her will do the rest of the work.

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Georgia Jones Loves To Tease in Lace

Monday, July 30, 2012

Who is that beautiful dark haired woman looking wistfully out the window while wearing lace bra and garter? It’s Georgia Jones, of course, and she knows you’re watching. To make certain she has your attention, she flashes you a glimpse of her perfect ass, panties crawling deliciously up between her cheeks.

Next she slips off her shoes, teasing you with her not-so-bare crotch, which she then flashes to you ever so slightly under lace panties. The smile lets you know she loves knowing how crazy it makes you.

Once the bra is off, you get another tantalizing view of her ass as she slowly lowers her panties and then at last, that tasty pussy is revealed as she spreads her legs for easy access. What happens next is completely up to you!

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Georgia Jones Strips Off Bikini and Sunglasses

Monday, December 5, 2011

Georgia Jones is super sexy in a bikini and sheer orange cover up. She puts her sunglasses on her head and then begins her hot strip.

Georgia teases her bottoms down off of her gorgeous round ass and bends over the lounge to show her bare butt in full naked glory and the length of her lovely legs as well.

Winning your full attention, the slender brunette gets completely naked and squats down while spreading her pussy lips for your enjoyment.

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