Georgia Jones Strips and Fingers Bare Pink Pussy

Thursday, January 8, 2015

When you get a good look at pornstar Georgia Jones, you’ll know that you are looking at one of the most beautiful women you’ve ever see. Long brown curls spill down her back and her incredible body takes your breath away. But this lovely lady has a face you can get totally lost in, even when she’s fully clothed.

Watching her strip off her denim skirt and peach lingerie is so hot and you know you get lost in the view of her perfect little titties, hot ass, and juicy sweet cunt slit. Georgia Jones loves knowing that you are fantasizing about her!

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Georgia Jones Is a Wonderful Mix of Exotic Sultryness

Monday, June 16, 2014

Look at Georgia Jones standing there in her pink lingerie, pussy lips just showing beneath, hair hanging long and beautiful across her shoulders and chest, short, white open blouse, with long hippy beads hanging to her navel. She’s the picture of casual sexy beauty. She bends over for you, showing you that tight hole you know you would just love to fill.

When she sits and caresses her swollen lips, you know she’s thinking about how much she wants you inside of her. Her pussy is aching for attention and you know you’re just the guy to give it to her, aren’t you?

She stares at you through the picture, aching with need for your attention, and inviting you to fill her up from behind and nail it home, deep and hard. Are you man enough to give her what she wants?

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Georgia Jones Naughty Schoolgirl Masturbates

Saturday, May 17, 2014

After a long day at school, Georgia Jones can’t help but feel antsy. She’s feeling a bit saucy, and you can see that as she lifts her pleated skirt and shows off her Aziani panties. Of course, what we love even more is when those panties are around her knees, showing her little pussy bush.

What better way to kill time after school than to strip naked and play with your pussy! Georgia Jones runs her hands over her svelte all natural body. Her tiny tits will make you drool, with their nubby pink nipples standing at attention. This babe has a big ol’ dildo that will do the trick – making her cum all afternoon long!

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Georgia Jones Dares to Get Naked For the Camera

Thursday, October 24, 2013

A photographer gets more than he expected when he dares sex kitten Georgia Jones to go a little further during a routine photo shoot. This hot fox loves to get naked, so a fine handful of titties and a tight pussy are coming out to play!

Our naked babe is not shy at all as she shows full pussy with fingers delicately playing in the lips and folds. The boots, however, are going to stay on, buddy. It is a wonder even a professional can keep his hand steady to take these hot pics as Georgia Jones’ pussy gets wetter and wetter. Open invitation pussy is hard to resist!

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Georgia Jones is a Fetching Irish Lass in Plaid Garter

Monday, August 27, 2012

Beautiful Irish girl Georgia Jones definitely knows how to wear a garter and nylons. Standing in the doorway in her sexy get up, she’s totally inviting. But if that doesn’t entice you, she’ll spread her legs to tempt you even more, squatting so you get the full effect as her panties stretch across her pussy lips.

She knows what you want and if you step inside, she’ll strip those layers of material off and stretch out on the couch so you can see everything. She’ll pose and show you just how she wants to ride your nice firm cock, and if you try to leave, she’ll pose in the doorway until you can’t help but run back to her waiting arms, and perfect ass, and delicious pussy and…

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Georgia Jones Loves To Tease in Lace

Monday, July 30, 2012

Who is that beautiful dark haired woman looking wistfully out the window while wearing lace bra and garter? It’s Georgia Jones, of course, and she knows you’re watching. To make certain she has your attention, she flashes you a glimpse of her perfect ass, panties crawling deliciously up between her cheeks.

Next she slips off her shoes, teasing you with her not-so-bare crotch, which she then flashes to you ever so slightly under lace panties. The smile lets you know she loves knowing how crazy it makes you.

Once the bra is off, you get another tantalizing view of her ass as she slowly lowers her panties and then at last, that tasty pussy is revealed as she spreads her legs for easy access. What happens next is completely up to you!

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Georgia Jones is a Sultry Angel in Blue

Monday, July 16, 2012

Georgia Jones looks like such an innocent angel in her blue lingerie. The pastel color accented with soft pink ribbon accents her golden skin and her long hair is so sexy and sweet at the same time.

When she removes the bra and fixes you with that come-hither stare, you feel your body melt. Well, all except your cock, which stands at attention.

Georgia is a woman who begs to be treated gently and with great care, while also being ravaged. She’s the kind of woman a hard man could get lost in for hours and days at a time – the perfect virginal bride temptress in strong need of being defiled. When she reaches one slender hands into her sheer panties, any real man would go weak in the knees. Don’t you wish you could reach into the picture and rip them away?

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Georgia Jones Takes Off Blue Panties

Friday, January 27, 2012

Georgia Jones is stunning in her bright blue top and bottoms and her sexy statement is made even more impressive by the way she makes love to the camera with her sultry eyes.

The skinny sweetheart lifts her top to show her little breasts and excited nipples and then inches off her panties and exposes her spectacular round ass.

Georgia bares her pussy and then uses a glass dildo to bring her wet hole to total pleasure.

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Georgia Jones gets naked on the couch

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Georgia Jones is wearing a sexy teal dress, but Georgia doesn’t like to keep her clothes on long, especially when she wants to show off that delicious body of hers. Georgia Jones slides her black panties off and spreads her slim legs apart for a hot view of her tight teen pussy. Georgia gets her dress off and wow, when she bends over with nothing but her bra her lips spread apart a bit and she is looking ripe for a nice hard fucking! Get the rest of these pictures inside Torrid Art.

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Georgia Jones in an elegant silver dress

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Georgia Jones has just gotten home from a big night out and its time to get naked ready for bed! Whoever got to see Georgia Jones in this sexy silver dress must have cum in their pants, as this is totally hot and sexy! Well.. to match the sexiness of the dress Georgia Jones performs a just as equally sexy striptease, as she slides the dress over her head to reveal her fabulous perky tits and a pair of panties.. ready to be ripped off her so she can be fucked!

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Georgia Jones gets naked outside

Saturday, September 5, 2009

New photos of Georgia Jones relaxing outside enjoying the garden surroundings…. but of what use to us would it be unless Georgia Jones decided to get naked! Under her summer dress, Georgia Jones is wearing a pair of blue panties, which we get a peak of up her skirt, before she bends over right in front of the camera as she strips off. As always Georgia Jones never wants to disappoint her fans.. so she gets totally naked and shows her lovely snatch… don’t you just want to pound that all day… AND night :)

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Georgia Jones strips off in the kitchen

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Georgia Jones is in the kitchen, and she’s not making any food, but she sure is cookin’. She slides down her jeans and we see her cute little blue panties and then get a glimpse of her bright yellow bra. Things really heat up when she turns around and bends over just slightly with her panties down.. I’m not sure about you but I want to be sliding something in her oven! See the rest of these hot photos inside Torrid Art.

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Georgia Jones spreads her legs on the stairs

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Georgia Jones is up on the stairs in a stunning dress in these photos ready to come down.. but for some bizarre reason she stops, sits down and spreads her legs and slides off her panties. Why? you may ask.. well Georgia Jones is one horny girl and just needed to take care of herself right there and then!.. Thank goodness there was a camera on location to take these snaps!

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Georgia Jones in a cute blue top and skirt

Monday, July 6, 2009

Sexy brand new exclusive photos of Georgia Jones inside lying on her couch in a aqua blue top with matching skirt and panties. Georgia Jones is feeling a little horny, so she lifts up her top and drops her panties as she lies back and inserts her fingers into her sweet pussy.

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Georgia Jones – Red Corset Stripdown

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sexy Georgia Jones is delightfully lusty with every striptease she performs. She slowly slinks around, enjoying the appearance of her naked body, and getting hotter and hotter as she goes on. Georgia Jones simply can’t wait to get naked for you.

Georgia Jones is in a sexy tight corset. She certainly isn’t lacking in any department as she oozes with sex appeal, and gazing on with sexual prowess as she strips down to nothing.

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