Georgia Jones Fucks Carli Banks on Rooftop

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hot and spicy Georgia Jones is having some horny lesbian fun with Carli Banks on the rooftop and these babes are getting totally into their fetish fun.

From light bondage to spankings, to eating each other out on high perches while enjoying the breathtaking view below, these multi-orgasmic babes can’t stop making each other cum! Georgia Jones is sweet, slender, tantalizingly beautiful, and has a tongue that just won’t stop lapping up that pussy juice!

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Georgia Jones and Faye Reagan are Heavenly Seductive

Monday, December 31, 2012

When you’re lucky enough to put your eyeballs on one incredibly beautiful woman, it’s enough to make most men feel like the luckiest man alive. But when you see two of them that look as good as Georgia Jones and Faye Reagan, it’s like hearing the angels and devils all singing at the same time.

Look at the way they embrace each other, caressing all the right places in all the right ways. You know their skin feels so soft and luscious pressed against each other that way. It’s so hot to imagine being a man in between them, but in a way that might just ruin the horny beauty of watching the two of them together, so intimately involved in each other the way they are.

Nothing wrong with stroking yourself while you watch though. Kinda hard not to, isn’t it?

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Georgia Jones Does Faye Reagan Doggy Style and Likes It

Monday, December 17, 2012

Georgia Jones and Faye Reagan are a couple of seriously hot women, and when Georgia holds her dildo like it is a real cock, it is the sexiest thing ever when she has Faye Reagan on her knees waiting to suck all that glorious latex. But then she gets Faye all turned around and starts nailing her with that gigantic dildo and I just about want to cum in my pants just looking at that stuff.

Look at the way she grabs Faye’s arm, like she’s holding her captive as Georgia rams that bad boy deep into Faye’s fuckhole. The look on Faye’s face says it all – you know it hurts so good and she’s loving every minute of it. And we are loving every minute of watching these two hot honey’s getting it on!

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Georgia Jones Gives Faye Reagan Hot Dildo Action

Monday, November 26, 2012

Watching Georgia Jones with her gal pal Faye Reagan is like watching art in action, especially when Georgia is using her special dildo. It gets her so hot to watch Faye wrapping her lips around that giant monster and Georgia can just almost feel it like it’s a real cock.

She gets even hotter when she’s slipping it into Faye Reagan’s wet, tight cunt and fucking her with it the way a woman is supposed to be fucked. Watching the two of them together is beautiful and so damned horny it’s enough to make a man burst in his pants with excitement.

Just imagine if that was your dick they were having their fun with! You know that would be a good time – the kind of thing men tell each other around the campfire on a hunting trip!

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Georgia Jones lesbian with Sunny Leone

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Georgia Jones and Sunny Leone are getting close in the grotto as they go for a nude swim. Georgia Jones and Sunny start kissing and caressing eachother’s wet bodies. Georgia moans in extacy as Sunny licks her fresh teen snatch, and gets a taste of her sweet juices with a hot kiss after she cums. See more of this hot lesbian action inside VIP Area!

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Georgia Jones goes down on Lana

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Georgia Jones and Lana spent all their time together during and after school. But now that they have all grown up they haven’t seen each other in years. When they finally meet up for a get together Lana is shocked to see that Georgia Jones has turned in to a very sex driven girl. After a little persuading Lana gets to experience phenomenal orgasms.

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Georgia Jones fooling around with Veronica Ricci

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Georgia Jones needs some kinky action with her gorgeous girlfriend so she jumps into her and squeeze her perky boobs! Georgia Jones bends over displaying her fabulous tight bubbly ass to Veronica Ricci! Get inside Danni now and download the highest quality vids of Georgia Jones

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Georgia Jones gets to play with the gorgeous Dakota Brookes

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Georgia Jones has the hottest tight bubbly ass ever.. and this time this young naughty slut gets to play dirty with her gorgeous friend Dakota Brookes! Watch Georgia Jones playing with her girlfriend’s boobies while bouncing her bootie for us! See Georgia Jones getting her wet twat fingered till she cums! Get inside Danni now and download the highest quality photosets of Georgia Jones

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Georgia Jones licks Jana Cova

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Georgia Jones is the most beautiful kinky little slut I’ve ever seen! She invited her friend Jana Cova for some dirty games! Watch Georgia Jones grabbing Jana Cova’s spectacular tight ass! Then Georgia Jones gets really horny and decides to lick her girlfriend’s pussy!
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Georgia Jones & April O’Neil hot lez action

Friday, March 5, 2010

Georgia Jones & April O’Neil find themselves in a starky situation when their irresistible bodies become too hard to stay untouched. They both test out their nerves to see how far they can go with pleasuring themselves.

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Georgia Jones fools around with Faye Reagan in the hammock

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Georgia Jones and her girlfriend Faye Reagan are hanging out outside, lounging on a hammock in the back. They giggle and have fun as usual, and Faye feeling a bit frisky is suddenly taking off Georgia Jones’ panties! The sexy turns on and Georgia Jones is sucking Faye’s nipples just how she likes it. The toys come out and they vibrate eachother’s young pussies outside. See the rest of the pictures inside Little Mutt.

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Georgia Jones gets licked by hottie Nicole

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Georgia Jones and her sexy blonde friend Nicole look adorable in white and getting close and cuddly. But being on a nice fluffy bed, they soon are nude and playing with eachother’s tight teen pussies. Nicole takes a taste of Georgia Jones’ hot snatch, and Georgia returns her kisses with her own while she fingers Nicole’s tiny ass! See what else is going on at this slumber party inside Little Mutt!

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Georgia Jones goes for a hike with Faye Reagan

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Georgia Jones calls up her girlfriend Faye Reagan for some daytime fun, and they decide to go hiking in the woods. Dressed in hoodies and tiny shorts they make their way through the trees equipped with butterfly nets. It’s not long before they realize they are alone and far from noise, people, and everything else, and can’t help but take advantage. Georgia Jones and Faye kiss and carress eachother against the trees, pulling off their clothes. Georgia goes for Faye’s big soft tits and starts to finger her fire crotch. See what else happens in the woods at Little Mutt.

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Georgia Jones licks her redhead Faye Reagan

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Georgia Jones and her girlfriend Faye Regan are chatting and one thing leads to another.. Georiga Jones fucking ravishes Faye Reagan’s hot tits and pussy, she can’t resist this firey redhead! Faye returns the favour and gets to work on Georgia’s craving body. See the rest of these hot Georgia Jones lesbian pictures inside Little Mutt.

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